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CEO: Nick Catricala 

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Area of focus

  • Home Based Business Coaching
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Support at no cost for my time


Home Based Business Coach, Trainer, Mentor.


Primary serving others as best as possible in life and business with individuals and business owners to improve life in general while building a solid foundation and grow the business from there on at your own speed.


Services / Products

  • The 140 Code Wealth System
  • Internet Profit Accelerator
  • The Insider Code
  • Instant Internet Income
  • One Deal From Retirement
  • The Magic Words

Target Audience

Individuals, Home Based Business Owners, Professionals and everyone else who want to eart a part time monthly income that will replace their full time monthly income.

Why customers come to us
Customes come to us and stay with us because we are here 24 hours a day to support them and to devote time to listen and solve any challenges that may arise along the way and most of all, because our strong guarantee "Be happy of your money back".

Why choose us

Nick and his entire team of professionals are ready, willing and able to stand behind all what we do and serve... and we do not accept mediocrity in suppoting you.


What problems it can solve for you

Money problem for certain sine all our products and services are focused to teach and guide you on how to set up, start and run your own successful enterprise. Second, by the way, your whole life will be turned around for the better because you will be more happy and fulfilled in life together with your family and loved one.
Our pride
We have been in business helping and supporting our customers and their families for over 15 years and we look forward to do even more each and every day and in every way.


"Nick is a member of a professional group of business owners that I belong to.


He is an important part of our group in many ways.


His wisdom, keen insight and advice have been very valuable to me as a business owner and to our group overall."

Tonya S



"Nick is a servant driven leader that always puts others before himself. 


The insight and dedication that Nick offers is unmatched and I look forward to many more endeavors."

Ron W.



"Nick consistently delivers high quality work products, meets or exceeds deadlines, and assists his co-workers at every opportunity. 


Nick is also proactive, customer-service oriented, responsible and efficient employee always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. A pleasure working with Nick”

Justin K.


Professional Tip

Know Yourself, Be Yourself and Follow Your Own Intuitions at all times.



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