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R. Kedem Systems & Research

CEO: Dr. Ron Kedem     Founded: 2003    Area: Israel


R. Kedem Systems & Research website, Phone number: +972523299620

Statistical analysis

Area of focus

Statistics, Research, Actuary, Finance.



The company developed for DARPA USA an algorithm for nanotechnology biochip for risk assessment. We are helping researchers and PhD students with statistical analysis and methodology, even oversea via Skype.

Another area is as professional finance advisers for couples in a divorce process who are choosing collaborative way to divorce. 

The company is engage in some startups in analyzing the Big Data with advances statistics methods.


Services / Products

  • Statistical analysis
  • Best reseach methodology ans statistic method
  • Finance balance for Devorcing cuples.


Target Audience

Devorcing cuples in Israel.
PhD and Master Students all over the world.

Why customers come to us
Solving methodological problem and finance

Why choose us

Creativity, Knowledge, producing the expectations


What problems it can solve for you

Research results and implications.
Statistical analysis.
Finance reports.
Our pride
Making People succeed in life targets.


Dear Dr. Kedem,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for dedicated and caring attitude I received from you throughout my theme of the case .

Youʹre amazing, unusual and you are more worthy of appreciation and esteem. All those difficult moments when Iʹm tired, I broke down and I wanted to give up, you were there and saved me the voice of reason.
You were always available for me, day and night. Always interesting, practical assertive, tolerant and professional.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution closure justified and successful in most of this chapter in my life, which you know she was not simple.
Thank you from my heart.

On behalf of my children wish you and your family happy new year !
With respectful


Professional Tip

Sometimes when immersed in a tangle of life, or some with the problem, you can make a very big step in consultation and with the assistance of an expert and life becomes much more clear and calm.



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