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Imagine a car that can go 230 mph, but has a governor keeping it to 110 mph. Imagine a business that could easily be generating a million dollars in profit per year, but it is stuck at just under 100 K – or is even in debt. Imagine an individual with a power level potential of 10, but who operates at a usual 6.


These “ceilings” or blocks are apparent all around us. It’s a problem that people don’t always know how to fix and so get comfortable in. But that’s not good enough at all…!


This seminar will teach you how to get your people producing at their highest level of efficiency with no effort.


Business is generally simple if each person produces what he is supposed to produce and if he delivers what was produced at the correct place on time.


Yet, most businesses are a hectic mass of people doing things that create more things to do that bring about a need to get more people that will do more things BUT without an actual increase of profit.


The reason is simple.


It is hard to believe or confront, but the reason for ANY lack of prosperity in an organization is internal. Nothing to do with the market, clients etc. Just like a car, the issue is internal. If you can take out the governor from within, you can zoom to new speeds.


While the manager is busy handling the day to day work, he has no time to train his crew and actually resists and resents anyone who thinks about getting time off to get trained.


This brings about internal disagreements and inhibits the efficient creation of results.


Money is the result of results that have been exchanged for money.


If your team is not fully trained, the outcome will not be lack of results, but destruction - as no one is just sitting there doing nothing - so if what they are doing is not constructive, it’s destructive. If they don’t bring results they destroy. And yes, it is another one of those “not easy to confront but true” scenarios.


In this seminar

You will get the tools that will allow you to create the cohesive team you need to run an effective business. You will learn how to train people and how to debug people’s problems. You will learn how to handle the day to day emergencies so they reduce and so that you have time to train your staff.

You will get specific tools to handle ANY difficulties a team member may have. Essentially, you will learn how to get everyone producing.


And the results – money - lots of money flowing in to your organization… and to YOU.


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