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The Legendary Always Be Caring Sales Seminar

(3 days)


It is not the best product that brings financial success for a company. It is the company’s ability to sell that product that brings the results.


You may have heard of ABC = Always Be Closing. Well truth is, ABC, to be really effective, stands for Always Be Caring.


Caring is the basic building block of any sale. Some people don’t fully understand this, and you may be one of those people. But make no mistake, this misunderstanding is the reason you’ve failed to close every single time - C = Caring.


The ABC Sales Seminar will show you how to help people help themselves with your product and by that, get you to a point where you can close any person on any idea.


Your ability to sell is your most powerful commodity. This seminar will teach you how to sell in any area of your life.


And this seminar will teach you the exact sales process.


However, while knowing the exact sales process is important, it alone will not actually get you to become successful in sales!



When one has a problem, the source of that problem is always before the problem’s manifestation.


The above law applies to sales in the following way: if you have a problem with a close for example, you can be assured the source of the problem is not the close, but BEFORE… somewhere earlier in the sales process.


The usual issue is that salespeople, even when they know what the sales process is, do not know when a step has been completed or if they should stay on it longer… and so they skip steps or stay too long on a step and so fail to close!


After this seminar you will have an unshakable certainty that you can close anyone on anything – you will not merely understand the sales process, you will KNOW the sales process and so will be able to demonstrate full control over the sales process and the person sitting in front of you.


In this powerful seminar you will learn:

• What is the actual technology of how to evaluate human behavior and by that be able to predict and CONTROL people’s actions and reactions.


• What is actually going on in the prospect’s mind at any moment - and so you will be able to control the buying process.


• How to pull – since sales do not happen by pushing, but by pulling.


• What you need to build is not sales arguments, but buying arguments.


• Sales are easy and rewarding once you know how.


• Who is your worst competition.


• What are the biggest barriers to buying.


• The ONLY two reasons why people will buy from you.


• Why it’s not just about the close.


• How this technology works in any part of life – from getting that pretty girl to finally go on that date with you, to making your prospect sign on the dotted line.


• And much more…


This seminar will make you the best salesperson around – guaranteed.


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