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Fear to Freedom Seminar by Meir Ezra - Success story


I recently attended the Fear to Freedom seminar. I knew I would come out out it gaining a lot of knowledge but what I left with was FAR more than that. I walked out of those doors with POWER!


Because of the tools that Meir taught me I was able to confront one of my deepest darkest fears. This fear stemmed from one of the most painful events of my life that happened when I was 11.

Actually the event was one of the most traumatic things a child could go thru, and I had been carrying that deep inside me for the last 16 years... but no longer after the Fear to Freedom seminar.


At the Fear to Freedom seminar you not only break the barriers in your life, you also find and destroy the root cause of that barrier – Giving you the power to be FREE!


I can say two things with 100% certainty:

1) Guaranteed Prosperity works when the rest doesn’t.

2) I will move mountains to be at EVERY seminar after this one!


My advise to anyone that hasn't been to a Guaranteed Prosperity event, “Don't just look into it but RUN TO IT!” The results will be massive and you WILL change your life!  


A Truly changed man, Steven Nolkemper

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