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Success Story from Business Seminar delivered by Meir Ezra

The Prefect Business Model Seminar by Meir Ezra - Success story

Meir, once again you hit it out of the bull pack for me.


This is my 2nd PBM. The first time through I had lots of distraction; this time, one year later, much more pre cursed.


I had a few things. I want to have viable, expanding and prosper organization with (grow) increasing money and owner's responsibility and a net will paid staff.


Some take longer than others, but I really understand how important everything is, particularly very well paid staff in relation to exchange in abundance.


DIV 6 Publico - Reminding me how important all of my contacts are to the different businesses, that the quantity of the names on the least and the number of the contacts that includes follow ups.


Finally, even though at times I feel l am not making any progress, I look back and see how much richer my life has been - businesses and personal life - since applying Meir lessons learn.


Carole Kempf


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