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Learning Ethics Money Seminar by Meir Ezra - Success story

Powerful, amazing, eye-opening, unbelievable-true, life altering, all the above do not even come anywhere close to explain the profound transformational impact I experienced after the ethics technology exercises (yes, it is exact technology, I am an engineer).


I thought I know myself. Boy o boy... Dead Wrong.


Initially I felt enveloped by dark and angry. Thunder clouds with cracking lightning ready to strike me dead.


By the conclusion of the first phase of the exercise I felt like the sun was peeking out a new day with dew drops on the grass, I could smell the flowers in the air – all calling out time, urging me to come out and play.


It feels like I have shed layers after layers of dirt and sacks of past burden from my soul – the actual true cleaning of me should setting me truly free forever.


Rajesh Juriasingani,

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