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Open Your Eyes - The Naked Truth

This video lays out the naked truth... Many of you go to seminars... You feel great... But the results are ZERO. Not only do you get zero... but you get damaged... Disagree? Agree?...
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Planning, Sorting Out The Confusion

What is a Strategic Plan? What is the difference between Strategy, Tactical, Operational, Projects, Targets, To-Do List... Can you actually define strategy?
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PR, Marketing and Sales

What is the difference between PR, Marketing and Sales... Almost everyone has a mixed up confusion about this. In this video, Meir Ezra explains!
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You want to increase your revenue? What is the one thing you can do - or have to do - that totally controls your revenue? There is ONE thing. Find out...
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Sales - Easy, Simple, No Effort Subject

Sales. A subject weʹve been trained on since the day we were born - yet some people think they are not salespeople or they are not good salespeople. Those that think they are probably...
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