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Parent Academy

As parents we love our children unconditionally. We want them to be kind, compassionate, successful and confident. Yet raising children comes with challenges. Has it ever happened to you that your children refused to listen and didn’t want to cooperate? 

There is a REAL source of children’s bad behavior and teen’s rebelling. Discover the simple truths nobody told you before. Find out how you can have an amazing family, just like the hundreds of thousands of families all over the world who have attended Parent Academy. 

What We Teach


"As an educator for the past 16 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in seminars and be involved in many courses and initiatives that focus on education, growth and development, behavior and implementation of programs to school aged children. I was pleasantly surprised when I became a student of The Parent Academy that the information I was learning was new and exciting and was actually making an impact on my life.

The Parent Academy has taught me that results are attainable if you take the time and implement the teachings you learn through the webinars. This program is something anyone can easily incorporate into their family lives, or careers.

I have learned incredible strategies with regards to thinking about the whole child, how children learn and view themselves in the world, and how I can change my thinking to foster positive growth within my family. These webinars have taught me new, insightful ways to look at situations, create relationships and promote positivity in life.

I have observed first-hand the impact this learning has had on out family dynamics. We are communicating better, responding to each others and working as a team. The Parent Academy has taught us how to use simple but concrete strategies to attain great results! I would recommend this program to all parents and I am truly excited to continue to learn through these webinars and see how much more our lives will continue to improve and evolve."
Catherine Richer

"There is no comparison between this course, and the other parenting courses I have taken. I am amazed at how much I have learned in just two lessons.

This course gives you tools to dissect the problems, and completely change the results. Now, looking back at the other courses I have taken, I can see, their teachings were more like putting a band-aid on the problem.

Parent Academy not only teaches you how to be a better parent - but you will also learn how to make your life, your relationships, yourself, and humanity better. I cannot say enough about Meir, and this course. Don't waste another moment, in NOT knowing, NOT correcting, and NOT creating a better and healthier family! They deserve it!

I only wish I had discovered this YEARS ago!"
Alisa Johnson

Tressa Dorman-Downing      Margaret Tom

Janelle Swiercinsky Baya Tserendavaa

Nedo Gryka Bao Tran

Steve Budzik John Swiercinsky

"The most simple, but powerful truth I've learned from Meir Ezra through Parent Academy has been to look at the good in everyone. So simple, treat them as friends, see the positive and good in everyone. Specially your children! Also, only acknowledge the intent, not the result. The intent is always good!"
Pedro Cardona Sept. 2015

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