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The Perfect Business Model

The core seminar that you can’t afford to miss if you want to succeed in business and life. Once you’ve learned how to build the perfect business model, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to organize your business without. The cool part is that this perfect business model applies to everything in your life, so whether you own a business or not, the skills you learn in this seminar will improve any aspect of your life.

What We Teach


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Sonia Dolar Majida Shaikh

Linda LeBlanc Tiffanie Caracassis  

John Swiercinsky

"The seminar helped me to understand the profound power of being organized, something that I find very challenging. It has opened my mind to the possibilities of planning for success."

Anthony Ellis, Speaking Empire, St.Pete. FL

"The information taught makes you rethink and evaluate all aspects of your life, business, and family. The Perfect Business Model has helped me to change for the better. For me it has been a spiritual transformation as well as a business physical change that I have never experienced with any other inspirational speakers before"

Bruce Thompson, MNP - FlexChecks, Wesler Chapel, FL

"I have learned different ways to look at my business and I'm excited to implement the ideas I've learned at the Perfect Business Model seminar."

Dan Silver, Silver Management Services LLC, Tallahassee, FL

"Meir Ezra's Perfect Business Model seminar was what I needed to get my business life on track. What is more, I also learned that my personal life is intrinsically tied in to my business success.  In fact my success in business depends on getting all areas of my life on track. This seminar is positively life changing! I've learned specific, very amazing ways to improve myself and business life - too many to cover. You are on a wonderful mission, Meir! Thank you."

Dan Singleton,, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The content of the Perfect Business Model seminar is unbelievably valuable. You can apply what you learn quickly. I'm now much clearer what steps and structure I need to implement in my business. It is no longer a mystery which direction I need to go. I have certainty, because I have a predetermined successful destination. I have never attended any seminar that even comes close to Meir's presentation and content. He gives 100% value - no smoke and mirrors. It is my full intention to share this information and its benefits with everybody I know rapidly to offset the atrocities I continuously witness in the seminar industry."

Debra Ross, GTIL Calgary, AB

"My understanding of my business and my personal life continue to increase with every class from Meir Ezra. I've got so much from the content and the successful people I've met. I've received in abundance from Meir and the Guaranteed Prosperity Organization. I have so much more confidence in myself and so much more understanding of my business, because I know now how to run and manage a successful business. Thank you so much for everything Meir! Every time I am in your presence my enthusiasm goes way up. You are the best person I know!"

Gerald Werner, Success Through Results, St. Petersburg, FL

"For the first time I discovered the reason for my lack of accomplishments: I have been asleep. I knew I wasn't clear, but I didn't know how asleep I've been. Now my eyes have been opened I can clearly see all the things I need to change, so I can make the change and improve. I've acquired the knowledge to know that success is now within reach. Although it will take practice, I now have vision - I have tapped into a source of imagination. The key to the lock is within my grasp and that feels good, energizes me and lightens my soul - it gives me a positive spirit. The same spirit I used to have when I was young and unburdened by my environment. At the Perfect Business Model I have changes my mindset, my skill set and my environment."

James J. Dygert, Taking Your Next Step, Sarasota, FL

"The Perfect Business Model was by far the most value packed clearly delivered training I have ever attended. The concepts are extremely powerful and easy to understand. While I have been in business in many high level roles for over 15 years, I have not been exposed to this type of quality content. Many times I have asked myself, "Why can't I get this project completed?" or "Why are we having problems in this area?" And all the while the answer was right under my nose...only after going through this seminar can I now easily find the "real why:. Thank you all! If you care about your business and professional career, get yourself to this training!"

Joe Gnapp, JMG Business Consulting, Inc., Wesley Chapel, FL


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